About Us

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

Our adventure in owning a local family business in pressure washing began when my son Chris showed an interest in making exterior cleaning a career, and as they say, the rest is history. Lift Off Pressure Washing is a father-and-son team building a business that will be here for years to come, building relationships in the community and helping our customers keep their homes and property in tip-top shape and boosting curb appeal.

Chris has gained valuable training and experience over the past few years, always staying up to date on all new equipment training and advancements in our profession.

Dan’s experience in pressure washing dates back to the early ’90s, working on building dwellings, structure equipment, and property on industrial and utility property, where he gained valuable experience with endless training on techniques and equipment.

At Lift Off Pressure Washing, we are always furthering our education, staying up to date with all new techniques, equipment, and chemicals to give our customers and ourselves jobs we can all be proud of.

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